Why choose us?

With twice the required continuing education, our staff works hard to stay up to date with constantly changing tax laws. We pride ourselves on being able to find every deduction legally possible. Using a do-it-yourself tax program is always an option, but there is a large risk of missing the major deductions that count most. Most situations don’t fit into a cookie-cutter template. Our clients can be assured that they aren’t missing anything. We’ve learned every client’s situation is unique, and every solution we provide is tailor fit to each client’s needs.

Do we file extensions?

Yes, we can absolutely file an extension for our clients. Things don’t always go smoothly. Paper work is late, financial statements need to be organized, or maybe your waiting on a retirement plan contribution. Whatever the case is, we make it painless and easy to get your tax deadline extended.

Does everybody get a refund?

No. However, our clients can be assured that they will be getting every deduction legally possible and that they won’t be paying a single cent over what they’re required to.

For your convenience, here is a check list of everything you will need to bring in

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