What we are looking for

At our firm, we do things a little differently.

If you’re a natural born auditor or love preparing taxes then we’ve got an opportunity almost as good as having warm sand between your toes.

After all, we do have offices in both Reno and Hawaii. (Waikiki to be precise.) We’re family friendly, we even close on Fridays.

You also won’t have the pressure of bringing in new clients. We’ve created an environment of excellence where they’re already coming through the doors. (That’s why we’re looking for you.)

We won’t needle you endlessly with questions like: “What’s your billing percentage today?” or “Why are you over budget?” Part-time or full-time, we have no mandatory overtime at our firm.

We are a carefully growing, love our clients and appreciate our employees kind of company. Sound refreshing?

If so, send your resume and cover letter to Cory@CoryWrightCPA.com.

Questions? Ask us.